Rotor Blade

While in operation, rotor blades are subjected to enormous mechanical loads. Damage or malfunction not only reduce the lifespan of the blades, but can also lead to subsequent damage on downstream components. We would like to prevent this.


Windigo offers a range of methods for checking, maintaining and repairing your rotor blades individually and hence cost-efficiently. This includes using rope access techniques as well as service platforms and diascopes. Choosing the right method ensures minimum downtime of your wind turbine.

Whether it is recurring inspections or repairs at short notice: Our engineers, fibre composite experts and service technicians guarantee the best possible support for you as well as the competent execution of the job.

Peace of mind at all times: For the long-term maintenance of your wind turbine we offer a custom-made, individual maintenance concept. We will be happy to introduce this concept to you in a personal meeting.