Inspection and maintenance using rope access techniques

At home in the air: Our service teams combine rotor blade know-how and the professional use of rope access methods.

All inspections are carried out by technicians certified by FISAT or IRATA. All team leaders hold the ‘Rope Access Techniques Level 3 – Supervisors’ certificate. When rope access methods are used, the use of other crane or hoisting technologies is not necessary which saves you money. Rope access methods allow the best possible access to the blades.


  • inspections
  • damage assessments
  • recurrent inspections according to the guidelines of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE)
  • inspection of the lightning protection system
  • elimination of operating noise
  • emergency repairs
  • minor repairs
  • maintenance work, e.g. replacement of vortex generators or erosion protection foil
  • support with the mounting and dismounting of rotor blades
  • checking and maintaining hydraulic blade tips
  • blade cleaning